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When a Homeowner Dies, Survivors Can be Left With a Huge Burden | Families

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When a Homeowner Dies, Survivors Can be Left With a Huge Burden
When a Homeowner Dies, Survivors Can be Left With a Huge Burden


Dealing with the death of a parent, close friend or family member — and having to make funeral arrangements at the same time — can be both emotionally and physically draining. Now imagine also being asked to help settle the affairs of the deceased, especially when a house is involved!

Unfortunately, this highly stressful scenario is not uncommon, and it will likely happen to every one of us at some point during our lives. Not only are you faced with selling a house, but the entire contents of the house as well.

“Taking on the role of executor and selling a home to settle an estate is, frankly, one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do,” said Michael Olear, lead broker with The Olear Team, Inc. “You will be faced with dozens of details and technicalities that could cost you both time and money, especially if things are done improperly. From selling the assets within the home to obtaining items such as tax returns, property tax bills, deeds, title searches and surveys, there are many obstacles that need to be cleared before the house can be sold and the estate settled.”

Under the umbrella of MJ Peterson Real Estate, The Olear Team has proven programs, such as the Executor’s Choice program, that assist clients, caregivers and others who may find themselves in this difficult position. These experienced professionals can provide a simple yet complete service to help you develop a written step-by-step plan to manage the situation at hand. The Olear Team can also manage the entire process for you, from expediting the sale of personal property to preparing and selling the house.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen situations where a family member returns to Western New York for a funeral only to be handed the keys to a house full of items they don’t want, while the only thing on their mind is returning to the comfort of their own surroundings,” added Olear. “And that’s where we come in. We can guide them through this difficult time and help bring some normalcy back to their everyday life.

“Plain and simple, we make things much easier for executors, for older adults looking to sell their home and transition into a new living space, and for caregivers who work with the elderly.”

For more information on The Olear Team or their Executor’s Choice program, please contact Michael Olear at 880-4442 or michael@olear.com for a confidential consultation. The Olear Team/MJ Peterson Real Estate is located at 1244 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst. You can also visit www.olear.com for more information and related articles.


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