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New Pre-Check Program for Airport Security Screening

Cheektowaga, NY - A new security screening program at Buffalo Niagara International Airport may save us from those trying moments like removing our shoes or belts.

It's something more of us may notice as we catch a flight soon or with the upcoming holiday travel frenzy.

Actually it's already at the Buffalo Niagara airport and today they invited us in to help publicize the Pre - check program.
Basically they're hoping to streamline the system with more advance information on a traveler's identification to avoid some of those cumbersome search routines like the shoe check, the belt and coat check and the examination of your laptop out of its case.

Some people,  ranging from frequent flyers invited by the airlines to take part, to people enrolled in border secure programs like NEXUS, to members of the armed forces, and passengers under 12 or over 75 years of age already qualify. 

Bigfoot In The Adirondacks

WHITEHALL, N.Y. -- The Adirondack Mountains have many tales to tell, and likely keep even more secrets.

The town of Whitehall, NY is tucked away in the southeast corner of the range -- population a little over two thousand -- and for the most part, it's a quiet place to live.

But spend some time in it's deep forests, or hike its brooding mountains, and you might come to understand why many folks in town think something strange is out there.

Accounts of Bigfoot sightings have become legend over the years, a cultural phenomenon, evolving from tales whispered around a campfire to questionable accounts documented on reality TV.

But Whitehall has been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity for hundreds of years. Paul Bartholomew is an author and Whitehall resident. He's been researching this pheomena for almost 40 years.

Troopers On the Lookout For Halloween Pranksters On Thruway

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Troopers patrolling the state Thruway this Halloween will be watching out for pranksters.

State Police Troop T says it will conduct the 37th annual "Pumpkin Patrol" with more than 300 citizen volunteers on Halloween on Thursday, as well as the day before.

Troopers aim to prevent Halloween pranks and protect motorists along the highway with help from local citizen band radio clubs and amateur radio operators.

Volunteers also will monitor Thruway overpasses.

Prescription Drug Drop-Off Held Saturday

WESTERN NEW YORK -- Drug drop-offs were held at 30 locations across Western New York Saturday in an effort to keep unwanted or unused prescriptions out of the hands of drug abusers.

About 85 cars stopped at the West Seneca Senior Center and dropped off 100 pounds of pills in just the first hour.  In past years, that site has collected two to four tons of unwanted pills.

Pharmacy students from area colleges and universities volunteered to identify and count the pills, which will later be destroyed.

Prescription drug abuse is being described as an epidemic in Western New York.  Abusers often think prescription meds are a safer alternative to street drugs like cocaine or heroin.

Trauma-Based Coalition Hosting Conference Examining Connection of Childhood Distress on Adult Health

Trauma-Based Coalition Hosting Conference Examining Connection of Childhood Distress on Adult Health

Could the impact of childhood trauma contribute to emotional, behavioral and physical health problems in adults, creating a need for more detailed care? Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S. Wiley, authors of the book Scared Sick: The Role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Disease, invite you to hear their research on the topic of early-life trauma on adult disease during a conference Nov. 6 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center Butler Wellness Clinic, 400 Forest Ave., Buffalo.  

Hosted by the Trauma-Informed Community Initiative of Western New York (TICIWNY), the conference is designed to explore how the community can work to become more informed about the effects of trauma, providing trauma-informed care and trauma-specific services.

Emergency Demolition of Albion Warehouse Follows Fire

ALBION, NY - A more than 100-year-old warehouse on West Avenue met the wrecker's ball Friday afternoon, just about 24 hours after a major fire ripped through the structure.

Now the building is being demolished, although concerns remain about the safety of the people and structures close to the factory. For now, crews are pushing the outer walls inside, even as the fire continues to smolder inside.

Watch the video above to see a close call that occurred at the site on Friday. A fire chief narrowly avoids being crushed as one of the building's outer walls falls outside rather than inside the structure's footprint.

The demolition is expected to take a few days.

Big Warehouse Fire in Albion Prompts 'Lockdown'

ALBION, NY - Nearby residents were on "lockdown" as fire crews from four counties battled a large warehouse fire on West Avenue at Hamilton Street in this Orleans County community Thursday afternoon.

A building housing wooden pallets caught fire at about 4 p.m. and emergency workers were concerned that it might spread to the building next door that houses methyl chloride, a toxic chemical.

Neighbors were instructed to stay indoors with their windows closed.

The chemicals were later removed from the neighboring building, home to the Empire Coating company.

The fire started when the owner of the pallet company and another person were using a grinder on some metal pipes on the second floor. Sparks from the grinder are blamed for starting the fire. Both people were able to leave the building without incident.

Fire crews from Orleans, Monroe, Genesee and Niagara counties responded to the fire.