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Rally Supports Gun Shop Owner over SAFE Act

ALBION, N.Y.- About 50 people came out Monday night to support the owner of a local gun store caught in a SAFE Act controversy.

Gun shop owner Joseph Palumbo says New York State Police have threatened to raid his shop over modified assault weapons. Palumbo however says the state gun hotline gave him verbal approval to sell the guns.

"By making this statement, it shows we won't just roll over, we won't just lay down. We will stand and fight for our constitutional rights. Because if we lose the second, we lose the rest," Palumbo said.

Palumbo says state police have asked him to turn over his customer records. His shop is still open, but Palumbo is worried the incident could affect his sales license.

Daemen Convocation Welcomes New Students, Opens Academic Year

Daemen Convocation Welcomes New Students, Opens Academic Year

With the fall semester getting underway Sept. 2, Daemen College hosted a variety of campus activities for returning and incoming first-year students, including Fall Convocation to welcome more than 550 new students to the college community and to celebrate the start of the new academic year.

“The most important ability you will acquire in your college years is the ability to think critically and analytically about the world,” Daemen President Gary A. Olson said in his address to students at the all-campus event on Sept. 4. “As college-educated individuals, you will have the ability and the responsibility to always exercise your critical thinking skills.

Gun Store Mistakenly Sold Illegal Weapons

ALBION, NY - An Orleans County gun shop manager is furious.

The manager says last week, state police threatened to raid his business if he didn't hand over customer purchase records.

"Plan A was apparently come in here guns blazing, SWAT team, the whole deal," said Joseph Palumbo, who co-owns the Albion Gun Shop.

Last week, Palumbo says he was faced with a decision in the store -- give up customer purchase records to the state police or be raided.

"It was kind of scary. I contacted the family attorney, she said cooperate, hand the records over," Palumbo said.

He tells 2 On Your Side that he came face-to-face with an officer from a state police drug task force, who also happened to be a customer at the store.

After that, Palumbo gave up records of about 170 customers.

Buffalo Mayor Discusses City’s Economic Vitality at Daemen Lecture

Buffalo Mayor Discusses City’s Economic Vitality at Daemen Lecture

Buffalo’s economic growth over the past decade was described as transformational by Mayor Byron W. Brown as he pointed to the city continuing its positive momentum with a strong, workable plan at a recent lecture held at Daemen College.

As featured speaker on Sept. 2 in the college’s latest Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series, Brown talked about major economic development efforts that have improved the city’s vitality and the overall impact the revitalization has had on the region.

“There are visible signs of progress and growth throughout the city, which has experienced $4.4 billion in economic development since 2012, with more than 12,000 new jobs expected to be created over the next few years,” said Brown. “These major investments are changing the city for the better and making it a destination where people want to work, live and play.”

Migrant Worker dies in Farm Accident in Albion

ALBION, N.Y.- A migrant worker died after a farm accident Friday afternoon in the town of Albion, according the Orleans County Sheriff's Office.

Luis D. Larios-Hernandez was a member of work crew on-loan to Kirby Farms to irrigate a field of tomato plants. Authorities say Larios-Hernandez was standing next of a parked truck when a second parked struck rolled down a hill and hit him, pinning him between the two vehicles.

The second vehicle was unoccupied, the sheriff's office says.

Larios-Hernandez was transported to Strong West Emergency Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Catholic Charities of Buffalo Appoints Two Directors

Catholic Charities of Buffalo Appoints Two Directors

Catholic Charities of Buffalo has appointed two new members to its leadership team. Meichle Latham has been named Director of School Based Services and Maria Picone has been named Director of the Family and Community Services Department, formerly known as the Metropolitan District Service Department.

Dennis Walczyk, Catholic Charities Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are pleased to promote Maria and Meichle to these leadership positions, and look forward to the expertise, passion, and energy they will bring to their new and increased responsibilities.”

As Director of School Based Services, Latham is responsible for overseeing the organization’s services currently delivered to Catholic, public and charter schools in Erie and Niagara counties. She also will establish and maintain connections with educational partners and work to expand services to schools not being served.

Buffalo’s Economic Resurgence Focus of Mayor’s Daemen Lecture

Buffalo’s Economic Resurgence Focus of Mayor’s Daemen Lecture

Mayor Byron W. Brown, a staunch advocate for economic development in Buffalo, will discuss the city’s economic resurgence and revitalization efforts as featured speaker in the Daemen College Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series that will take place at 7 p.m. Sept. 2 in the Wick Campus Center Alumni Lounge.

Currently serving a third term as mayor of New York State’s second largest city, Brown’s talk, “Buffalo on the Move: For Our Region, Our State,” will focus on the city’s economic development initiatives over the past decade and the positive impact this growth has had both regionally and statewide.