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Nun Accused of Stealing from Two Orleans County Churches

Kendall, NY  - A nun is accused of stealing from two churches in Orleans County.

Officials say Sister Mary Anne Rapp stole about $128,000 from St. Mark Church in Kendall and St. Mary in Holley. 

She pleaded not guilty to class C felony grand larceny charges in Kendall Town Court Monday evening.  She was released on her own recognizance.

Orleans County District Attorney Joseph Cardone said it was the first time in his more than two decades as DA that he's had to prosecute a nun.

"This is a first...and that's sad," Cardone told WGRZ-TV. "It's sad when anybody has to be prosecuted but particularly a nun. As you know, people place a lot of faith in her and turn to her for their own problems at times so it just is unfortunate and it shows that anybody can be involved in some type of criminal behavior."

Helping To Save The Canada Lynx

The Canada Lynx is one of the last of the big wild cats left in the United States. Although their population is robust in Northern Canada, their numbers are considered endangered in the States, with only a few hundred in the wild. In East Aurora, Hawk Creek Wildlife Center recently began an ambitious Canada Lynx breeding program, one that will not only help strengthen breeding stock of the species, but also will provide a companion for their beloved resident Lynx, Kodiak. Loretta Jones is founder of Hawk Creek." We're just starting our program, but we know we need to do it, because it used to live in NY State and we're losing our cats , so we need to do it." Tanya Lowe is Director Of Wildlife Education at the center." Animals have emotions, they have needs other than food,water,shelter. And for Kodiak right now, that is a companion."

Orleans County Scouts Serving Community

Medina's Girl Scout Troop started a Souper Saturday 4 years ago, and the community and the girls loved it so much, it's now a regularly scheduled event! Held at Lyndonville Presbyterian Church, the free luncheon is also a fundraiser for Orleans County food pantries.

Nature's Fall Spectacular

The change of seasons in the Northeastern United States is a beautiful study in contrasts, with fall being the most stunning. Autumn sees many life forms preparing for winter, and
trees are perhaps the most visibly dramatic in their preparations for the upcoming freeze. Most notable among their changes are of course leaves, which are the source of life for trees. During the warm months, plants are busy with photosynthesis, the process which converts sunlight into chemical energy.Chlorophyll is a pigment in plants that is critical to photosynthesis and also gives leaves their green color. In the fall, that process slows down, and other pigments previously covered by chlorophyll are revealed in a most spectacular way. Lauren Makeyenko is Experience Manager at Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo.

Vandals Damage Orleans County Cemetery

KENDALL, NY--  The Orleans County Sheriff's Office is investigating recent incidents of vandalism at a Town of Kendall Cemetery.

Investigators say an Orleans County Sheriff's Lieutenant was checking the Beechwood Cemetery on Woodchuck Alley when he discovered damage to the chapel of the cemetery on October 12th.

On October 14th, deputies were called back to the cemetery after a caretaker noticed about 32 gravestones turned over, including some that were broken.

Officials say many of the markers belonged to the graves of people buried in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact the Orleans County Sheriff's Office at:  585-589-5527.


Brian Banas, COO, Orleans Community Health Speaks at Public Hearing

Brian Banas, COO, Orleans Community Health Speaks at Public Hearing

ALBION, NY - Brian Banas, COO of Orleans Community Health, spoke last Friday at the Annual Health Insurance Program and Public Hearing at the Orleans County 4-H Fair Grounds in Albion. 

Mr. Banas spoke on the upcoming opening of the new Albion Health Care Center on the corner of Rt. 31 and Butts Rd.  The new center is open now for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and lab blood draw station. 

The tentative grand opening for the site is planned for the end of November.

Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinics Today

WESTERN NEW YORK - On the go and need a flu shot?

Several area Western New York Immediate Care locations will host drive-thru flu shot clinics today, and you don't even have to leave your vehicle.

The clinics run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

- 7616 Transit Road, Williamsville (across from Eastern Hills Mall)

-2099 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Amherst (north of the 290, next to the Original Pancake House)

-2497 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo (just north of Hertel Avenue)

-5014 Transit Road, Cheektowaga (between Losson Road and Como Park Blvd.)

-3050 Orchard Park Road, Orchard Park (just north of the Tops/Lowe's Plaza)

Most insurance plans will cover the cost of the flu shot.  Out of pocket cost is $35.