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Police Hopeful DNA will Provide Leads in Albion Murder Case

Police Hopeful DNA will Provide Leads in Albion Murder Case

By Scott DeSmit The Daily News Online

ALBION — Police are hoping DNA tests being done on several items help lead them to the killer of a West State Street man.

Village Police Chief Roland Nenni on Tuesday said investigators are continuing to follow leads in the Aug. 6 shooting death of David R. Grove, 32.

He said DNA tests are “being extradited” and the results should be known some time in the next three weeks.

“When we get the results back, hopefully that will take us in the right direction,” Nenni said.

He would not say what was being tested for DNA.

Grove was shot in the basement of 222 West State St. shortly before 1 a.m. Aug.

Budget Cuts: Social Security Offices Closing Earlier

Social Security offices nationwide are closing 30 minutes earlier starting today thanks to cuts in the Federal Budget.

All Western New York offices are now opened from 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM.

Agency employees will still work normal hours, but will now be able to focus solely on office tasks with the public hours cut. This is expected to save on overtime hours normally billed to the agency.

Many services offered today do not require a visit to the Social Security office. Anyone wishing to apply for benefits or to update information may do so at www.socialsecurity.gov or by dialing a toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213.

Rabies Risk: Bats In Homes During Summer

  Local wildlife removal expert Jack Juran says he has been very busy over the past week. Calls keep coming in to Jack's Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service from people who have seen bats in their homes and they want them out. 

  Juran says he handled more than 60 calls in the past week or so for the humane removal of bats from Western New York homes. The small winged creatures have been known to wiggle through openings as small as 3/8ths of an inch so they can easily get in to a home through any openings in siding, roof flashing, or vents. Some experts say juvenile bats in particular seek out dark enclosed areas after leaving a colony and can become disoriented in a home.  Bats are more commonly found than we realize because they often blend in with their surroundings and small size.     

Teen Falls 20-30 Feet at Indian Falls Gorge

PEMBROKE, N.Y. - A 17 year old Spencerport woman is recovering after she fell down a cliff at Indian Falls in the town of Pembroke.

Genesee County Sheriff Deputies say Kourtney McCorry was attempting to climb out of the gorge after a day of swimming when the branch she was holding onto snapped. McCorry then fell approximately 20-30 feet striking some rocks at the bottom of the waterfalls.

Emergency crews used a rope rescue to pull the teen out of the gorge. McCorry was then flown by Mercy Flight to Strong Memorial Hospital with injuries to her left shoulder, right wrist, right ankle, and head.

The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening

Traveling 9/11 Exhibition Coming to WNY

Traveling 9/11 Exhibition Coming to WNY

A Statement from the State of New York Executive Chamber

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the New York State Museum, and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum today announced the locations for thirty "New York Remembers" exhibitions that are being organized as part of a statewide recognition of the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Shoe Trees: Perfect Place for "Sole" Searching in Orleans County

Orleans County, NY -  You never know what you might find driving along country roads.  In the Town of Yates, there's a unique spot that's home to a crop of shoe trees!

Town of Yates historian Scott Goetz says this tradition goes back to the 1970's, but it really took off in the mid-80's.  To mark milestones like graduations and birthdays, people throw their shoes into the trees.  Some people write wishes in the shoes in hopes that wish will come true.  

The Town of Yates has planted trees to add to the attraction over the years.  Recently, one tree came down is a storm leaving four trees on the site today.

National Grid Joins Effort to Raise Awareness of National 811 Dig Safely Day

National Grid Joins Effort to Raise Awareness of National 811 Dig Safely Day

The digging up of underground utilities is a significant and avoidable cause of gas and electric outages that can result in serious injuries and disrupt power delivery to neighborhoods. Today, August 11, (8/11) National Grid is pleased to a part of a statewide a safety and awareness campaign  encourage do-it-yourselfers and construction contractors to call 8-1-1 to request the marking of underground facilities prior to digging.

In upstate New York, National Grid has joined 200 organizations including utility companies, municipal governments and contractors in signing “The 811 Promise,” a written pledge that commits to safety procedures with Dig Safely New York, Inc., a regional effort to raise awareness for safety around digging projects.