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Does Albany Politician Jane Corwin Support Free Trade? | Commentary

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Does Albany Politician Jane Corwin Support Free Trade?
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Does Albany Politician Jane Corwin Support Free Trade?

The following is a statement from Erie County Democratic Committee Chair Len Lenihan:

We here in the 26th District want to welcome Jane Corwin back from her fundraising trip in Washington, DC.  On her trip out of state, the Assemblymember found some new friends, as well as some old friends from her Wall Street days.

And it’s a good thing Jane met those old Wall Street pals outside of Western New York, since these special interests stand squarely against Western New Yorkers on an issue that has negatively affected millions of Americans – free trade.

The Financial Services Roundtable- a special interest group now helping fuel Jane Corwin’s campaign – has publicly stated, multiple times, how they support free trade deals like the US- South Korea, the US-Colombia, and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Western New Yorkers stand strongly against job-killing policies, like NAFTA, which have cost more than 51,000 New Yorkers their jobs.

Now it’s important to point out that in one of Jane Corwin’s television commercials, she says she’ll “oppose trade agreements that just aren’t fair.”

Well we want to know, what trade agreements would Jane Corwin oppose now that she’s indebted to a free trade-loving organization, like the Financial Services Roundtable?  The Assemblymember should return every dollar she racked up in Washington, DC and go back to her strategy of trying to buy this election with her own money.


In 2010, The Financial Services Roundtable “commend[ed] President Obama’s leadership in reaching a final agreement on the U.S.-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement.” [The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, Statements of Support for the U.S. –Korea Trade Agreement, 12/03/10]

In 2008, the Financial Services Roundtable said it “supports the U.S.-Columbia Free Trade Agreement and believes it is an important step in strengthening American trade.” [Financial Services Rountable, Colombia Free Trade Agreement Is Good For Economy, 4/7/08]

In 1993, the Financial Services Roundtable, then known as The Bankers Roundtable, issued a statement in support of NAFTA.  According to the Financial Services Roundtable, “NAFTA is demonstrably in the national interest to support a growing economy.” [The Bankers Roundtable, Bankers Roundtable Issues Comment Support NAFTA’s Passage, 11/15/93]

New York has lost 51,582 jobs due to NAFTA, between 1993-2004 [Economic Policy Institute, via AFL-CIO, 7/20/05]

In a campaign ad, Corwin said she would “oppose trade agreements that just aren’t fair. [Corwin Campaign A, 3/25/11]

Commentary, Politics

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