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Violent Hail Storm Hits Medina

MEDINA, NY - Residents of the Village of Medina were awakened at approximately 3:55 a.m. to the sights and sounds of a ferocious summer storm.


High winds along with driving rain, intense lightning, and large hail inflicted a variety of damage throughout the community.


The intense shower of hail measuring and average of .75 inches wrought havoc on village trees, shredding foliage and leaving yards covered in leaves.  There were also some reports of damage to homes where paint had been blown of by the force of the hail. 

Spring Snow! We Want Your Photos!

Spring Snow! We Want Your Photos!

Citizen Photojournalist Larry Lowell set off to capture the first snowfall of the spring season here in Western New York.  Photos were captured near the 18 mile creek near Lakeview Road in Hamburg, NY.

If you have photos of the snow that you would like to share, send an email with your name and the town where you live to become a Community Content Provider today.