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Hauntings in Your Town
Hauntings in Your Town

For paranormal investigators, Halloween means more than just Trick or Treating, dressing up in costumes and scaring the wits out of each other, it’s about the heightened ability to communicate with the spirit world.

While you can communicate and experience the paranormal all year round, there is undoubtedly something extra “spooky” about this time of year that tends to bring out our inner fears.

TV and Hollywood have now brought this field into the forefront with shows such as the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures and the Sci-Fi network’s popular Ghost Hunters, and who can forget the major success of the Paranormal Activity franchise.

In fact, those very shows have investigated haunted buildings right here in our own backyard on numerous occasions. 

Ghost Hunters has visited Buffalo a total of six times, investigating such places as Rolling Hills Asylum, the Red George & Valentown Museum, Iron Island Museum, The Rapids Theater and the Buffalo Central Terminal (twice).  Ghost Adventures has also investigated Rolling Hills Asylum and the lead investigator Zak Bagans even came back for his Paranormal Challenge spin-off.

Knowing that we sit on a hot-bed of paranormal activity, we here at 2 Your Town are asking you the viewers to share your personal experiences with the paranormal this Halloween.  

For my personal experiences with the paranormal, click here.

William Henry

(A viewer shared the attached video (above) which purportedly captures a ghost. You can see the alleged spirit stride across the frame at about 2:15 into the clip, which was captured in his backyard outside Bradford, PA.)

Wife and I were making a quick clip to send to the family in California to show them where we live now (outside Bradford, PA in a little place called Lewis Run). There are quite a few strange things I've noticed but nothing like what I saw at the end. You can hear me say "whoa!" or something like that, and you can tell my wife was a little freeked out from the beginning. ... It's between 2:13 and about 2:17

Krystle L. Groves

My backyard definitaly has one, or more spirts. I have a door leading to the outside, in my room and we would always hear weird noises on the porch, even a couple bangings on the door, only to look and see nothing there. I hear porch chairs move. Attached is a picture taken in the backyard. Clearly, above my hair their is an orb. I never noticed it until a friend of mines, sister is a ghost hunter and said, it should definitaly be checked out. There is no lights on that area, and we took a few more pictures after with nothing.

(See photo below.)


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